Accuspray Boom Sprays

Accuspray Boomsprays

The Accuspray Boomspray was originally developed by Brett McMiles in 1999, in Yerecoin. It has been widely used throughout the West Australian wheatbelt. MEE commenced the manufacture, sale and service of Accuspray Boomsprays in 2006.

Designed for performance and easy use, the Accuspray Boomspray is a ‘boom’ to every farmer. Its self-levelling, single axle suspension, provides a superior ride with a longer-lasting boomspray. Wings operate independently from the main chassis, and nitrogen-charged accumulators create a smooth journey on any terrain.


Accuspray Model – 120ft / 7,000L

Accuspray Model – 150ft / 10,000L


Features + Benefits

Just some of the benefits to you are:

Accuspray Boom spray features quality stainless steel for ball valves, cables, turnbuckles, nuts and bolts. Stainless steel lasts much longer than regular cheaper materials, such as galvanised steel and brass which are highly susceptible to corrosive chemicals. When you use pre-mixed chemicals such as Flexi-N, you need your equipment to resist these products without reducing its lifespan.

All Acuspray boom sprays are sand blasted before applying a two pac primer then followed by a two pac enamel ,ensuring a finish that will last a long time. Stainless steel also maintains a fresh finish which improves re-sale value when you’re ready to upgrade.

Have you ever thought, “I wish it was easier to reach those taps” or, “If all the taps were in the same place I wouldn’t wear out a pair of boots each time I change something”?

The Accuspray Boomspray solves these problems. We’ve plumbed lines into a stainless steel manifold located on one side of the unit. All the taps are attached so you can operate from the one place. See at a glance exactly what you have set up, make changes without walking around the unit. It’s simple and easy to operate. This also allows less chemical contamination and makes tank flushing and maintenance easier.

To give you a superior ride, we’ve designed a self-levelling suspension system that out performs others in the market. Every Accuspray Boomsprays incorporates a self-levelling suspension system allowing the wings to operate independently to the main chassis, reducing boom sway, wear and tear. This feature also ensures your chemical is more evenly distributed to the target area.

The 140/150 ft models come standard with a Vertical Damping System witch reduces the yaw movement, which aids in a more stable boom spray.

All Accuspray boom sprays now have a Proportional Controlled hydraulic boom functions. Which means when activating wing fold procedure you can control the speed of the wing. This eliminates any unsightly jerking motions when folding.

Adding to that is a single axle large diameter wheel riding on a air bag suspension give this boom spray a ride like no other.

Boom widths come in 90,100,110,120,140 and 150 ft and spray tanks size come in 5000 , 7000 and now 10000 liters.

Transporting a Accuspray is very simple with 3.5m width [5000 and 7000 ltr models] and a length of 9 to 11 meter long a escort is not required.


Introducing the Seletron Spraying System

‘Seletron’, quoted by experts as being the biggest advancement since the Air Induction Nozzle, is now offered on the new ACCUSPRAY range of sprayers from Middle East Engineering in Kondinin W.A.

Seletron is a new electronic nozzle replacing existing nozzles on broad acre sprayers and is connected by a single CANBUS cable.

Each Seletron nozzle is automatically activated on and off separately by the main Controller in the cab linked to a GPS.

Conventional spraying nozzles are grouped into sections, and activated manually by a switch or an electronic controller with sectional control.

A 36 metre boom may have three, five or even seven sections.

Wasted chemical costs and environmental issues are caused by unavoidable ‘over’ and ‘under’ spraying as a result of these wide sections.

Now with Seletron fitted, a 36 metre boom will have 72 sections (with 500mm Spacing) or 144 sections (with 250mm spacing).

Each Seletron nozzle is switched on and off automatically as the boom travels over un-sprayed or sprayed crop.

The Bravo400s controller in the cab, knows the location of every nozzle at all times.

Benefits of Seletron are substantial, including chemical savings combined with the most effective spray coverage possible, reducing crop damage and maximizing yield.

A new Accuspray with a Selletron dual bodies fitted owner Kelvin Tiller from Kellerberrin W.A who has take delivery of his boom spray July this year has stated a consistent 5% reduction on chemical on square paddocks and up to 10% on the unconventional shape paddocks.

Seletrons are available in Single, Dual and Quad nozzle bodies. The Dual and Quad bodies allow combinations of nozzles to be automatically selected, catering for large ground speed and application rate variations, without leaving the cab.

Because only a single spray line is plumbed to each side of the boom, Boom Flushing and Priming activates when all Seletron nozzles are off.

In the cab, all Seletrons are controlled by Arag’s ‘Flagship’ controller, the Bravo400s, integrating sprayer Control, Guidance, Auto Steer, Mapping and many other features.


 Standard Features

  • 2 year structural warranty
  • Proportional controlled Hydraulic functions
  • Single 110 diameter 30T axle
  • Air bag suspension self adjusting
  • Stainless steel manifold for easy access and usage
  • Self leveling wings
  • Hydraulic fold and boom tilt
  • Independent secondry wing folds
  • Certified chemical resistant hose
  • Power Plastic chemical resistant hydraulic hose
  • Can spray at full height
  • Self-levelling system for boom stability
  • Stainless steel bolts, nuts and hose clamps
  • 12-25mm heavy duty stainless steel turnbuckles and D shackles
  • Stainless steel motorised ball valve taps
  • Heavy duty 10-12 mm stainless steel cables
  • Breakaways Fence waccas
  • Arag MP400 product pump
  • Hydraulic main wing lift to 2.3m
  • Wiring harness in full conduit
  • 30ltr hand wash tank
  • Correctly charged hydraulic accumulator for smooth ride
  • Coil shock absorbers on outrigger arms
  • Tank sprinkler
  • All Viton seals
  • Booms fully sealed before painting with 2 pack automotive primer and top coat – chemical resistant
  • All booms are fully sand blasted before painting
  • 5 section split section single spray line
  • Flexi-N compatible component’s
  • Stainless steel clamps on jet bodies
  • Stainless steel fittings used on 95% of the boom
  • Jets protected by boom arms
  • Hand rails and steps
  • Triple filtration system
  • 9m long, <3.5m chassis – can tow without escort
  • Sealed tool box
  • 520/85R38 tyres for 5000 ltr
  • 520/85R42 tyres for 7000 ltr
  • 710/70R42 tyres for 10000 ltr
  • 100,110, 120 and 150 ft boom widths
  • 5000,7000 and 10000 ltr tank sizes
  • 500 ltr flush tank



Options available include:

  • Seletron spraying system
  • Arag IBX100 isobus controller
  • TopCon Eagle cotroller or X20 spray controller
  • Brarvo 400 spray controller by Arag
  • Fence Jet spray nozzles
  • Twin line @ 250 mm spray spacings
  • Granny pot 30 ltr with Venture suction
  • Granny pot 100 ltr
  • Flush on the go
  • 1000 ltr flush tank
  • Work lights and flashing light
  • Tow Hitch
  • Fill pump petrol driven
  • Sotera chemical pump
  • Air Matic spray system
  • 100 mm pressure guage for each sections
  • Hose Reel
  • 3 m wheel center

Discuss your special requirements with us. We will endeavour to meet your requests.




Spray tank volume Working widths Transporting width Transporting height Overall length Draw bar to axle length Wheel track width Total weight Tyre size Suspension type Flush tank Product pump
5000L 27,30,33,36m 3.5m 3.95m 10.8m 7.7m 2.37m or 3m 4000kg 520/85 R38 Air Bag 500 or 1000L Arag MP400 Centrifical
7000L 27,30,33,36m 3.5m 3.95m 10.8m 7.7m 2.37m or 3m 4100kg 520/85 R42 Air Bag 500 or 1000L Arag MP400 Centrifugal
10000L 40 to 45m 3.76m or 3.59m 4.1m 12.6m 9.4m 3m 5700kg 710/70 R42 or 650/65R38 Air Bag 500 or 1000L Arag MP400 Centrifugal